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Localization is an independent work of art whose main goal is to guide and introduce authors, projects, cultural and creative diversity to uncharted territories, enabling a whole new community to have access to entertainment, knowledge and a brand-new world of possibilities.


That being said, WE ARE ARTISTS WHO CAN'T DRAW, CAN'T DANCE AND DEFINITIVELY CAN'T SING, but we can sure bring whatever you do beautifully and accurately to our language. Check us below and let's chat a bit someday!



BrazLocT consists of talented linguists, enthusiastic "gamers", very picky editors and a PM that is addicted to deadlines. We want to improve our 25 years of experience, to adapt ourselves and struggle to bring unity to all. By unity we mean culture, languages, identities and people. People shouldn't be deprived of culture because of their status, social position or educational level, and as humans we fight where we can to HELP people the best we can. We are a Brazilian localization team and we fight in the language front!


The Brazilian localization group BrazLocT was founded in 2020 during Disco Elysium’s localization project into Brazilian Portuguese. We started on our own, since we fell in love with the game, but the studio brought us in and adopted our project as official. Given the challenges presented by such a rich and complex masterpiece, it was essential to search not only for seasoned translators, but also for professionals with a broader range of knowledge, whether on specific localization projects or outside its industry. After such need of synchronization and chemistry, both work and ideological wise, a few members decided to move forward as a team, and here we are.


This pursuit resulted in a somewhat unorthodox group of translators with extensive experience in the video game industry, as both collaborators and consumers, but equally committed to bringing their best in order to produce a high-quality localization. We know what we love and how to achieve it.

retrato mascara psd_Lucas.png

Lucas Nunes


Project Manager

retrato mascara psd_Ivan.png

Ivan Lopes

Lead Linguist

retrato mascara psd_Vitor.png

Vitor Almeida

Lead Editor

Lead LQA Tester

Glasses everywhere









Unlock a new language for your game!
Currently we provide localization services for:
English to: Brazilian Portuguese | Latin American Spanish | European French |     Canadian French | Indonesian | Russian | Deutsch | Simplified Chinese
Japanese to: Brazilian Portuguese | French
French to: English





ZA/UM, English to Brazilian Portuguese | 2020


ZA/UM, English to Brazilian Portuguese | 2021


Studio Dragonet, English (Japanese) to Brazilian Portuguese | 2021


CyberConnect2, English (Japanese) to Brazilian Portuguese | 2022



We're proud to say that we've worked with peers of distinct cultures and background all over the world, and some of them share the same vision and perspective on why to be a translator and what we want to express and do for our own community and clients, with care and dedication.


That's why we’ve bonded with them, helping and vouching for each other, guaranteeing the same quality standards while working on your precious product.


It might ease your market search if you request for our partners' contacts, knowing that our accessible prices will probably range similarly and you are hiring the best.



Thank you!

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